This moment is where all the magic is...can you feel it? When I open to this moment-the alive Presence that is here- I am filled with Light. I feel connected. And within that connection everything is being taken care of...even if I don't know it yet.

This is how we are meant to live. Completely present...completely connected. When we are trying to get things done, we forget about the magic. We lose our connection. We become the unconscious doer, driven like a machine that is fueled by thought.

Living anywhere but here is painful. This is my Mother, my lifeblood. I thrive here. I never want to leave this place...not for all the riches in the world. Because to me, the treasure that I feel in this moment is priceless. I know, deep in by being, that all I need to do is stay open to this magic, and the treasure will be revealed. Not in what I get, not stuff. But how to live.