Truth and Grace

Many people find themselves in a challenging cyclic struggle against themselves, even if they are not aware of it. I see it all the time. It is this struggle that keeps us from finding peace. It is this subtle self-judgement that keeps the knots tight within. And it doesn't need to be this way.

All we need to do is tell the truth. Do we know what this means? Telling the truth is a radical way to  see if we are against what we are experiencing; To see if we don't like ourselves, or our life. It is a way to see what we are resisting in our world- within ourselves. Telling the truth is an extremely vital aspect of our journey. We must strengthen our skills at telling the truth. We must find within ourselves the willingness to do so. Without telling the truth, we remain in an unconscious and tight way of experiencing Life. And the door for Grace cannot open.


Because my friends, it is the realm of Grace that we are opening up to. Grace is the magical component that changes everything. Telling the truth opens the doorway for Grace. And it doesn't matter what truth we are long as it is the truth. Grace is inherent within that willingness to tell the truth. It is there! And when we open the door for Grace, and grace comes in with the truth telling, we are relieved of the burden, It is no longer ours to bear. Grace has taken it on, and will change how we relate to the truth we are telling. I cannot tell you how...we must all find this capacity to attract Grace within our own truth telling.

Grace is powerful. And essential for all transformation.

Why waste anymore time trying to get the right experience. Just tell the truth...and watch the game change.

The Sacred Becomes Us


I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but I always sense a deep impulse to allow more light into my space. These longer dark nights invoke a silent invitation to allow the holy into our world. And if we can manage to remember our own innate sacred connection to the Divine, without losing ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the light of the holy will reveal itself to us.
We always have a choice, and when we can slow down and allow the sacred to reveal itself to us, in this moment, we will naturally want to make more room for it. I know I do. And the more room we make for it, the more obvious the preciousness of the holy becomes. We are drawn into the holy by the illuminating qualities that are revealed to us. Light begets more light. And this light that recognizes this is our most fundamental essence. We are attracted to our own True Self. So when we light a candle, let us be bringing in the sacred of our own light. Watch and see how quickly the holy in your own being responds to being recognized. Let us take the time to do this each day, because it becomes us to do so.

Preciousness of SELF

precious bee.jpeg

There's a beautiful recognition waiting for all of us when we let go enough. I mean when we really let go. The letting go that happens when we run completely out of options. When we have used up all of our ideas about how things will work, or should work. When we recognize we know absolutely nothing. When we're left standing on shaky ground, with nothing to rely on whatsoever. No-one to turn to. Except our Self.

It is this kind of surrender that is the name of the game. Beautiful surrender. For me, it is everything. Letting go of everything I know, everything I imagine, hope for, or expect. This is what has given me an eye-opening vision of possibility. Because I have recognized a preciousness deep within this Life called Joi. Something priceless that is inherent within this Life. And this is not a cliché...this is a direct experience. Something that leaves me in tears of awesome gratitude and wonder.

In my attempt to describe this preciousness, I might begin by inviting you into sensing into the value of everything you hold dear within yourself. The value of your spiritual journey, your devotion. Your love. I might invite you into recognizing what has been offered in the name of that love, for Truth. For God. And in this sensing, you may begin to feel what it is that Truth might value within you (if Truth were to value something). And perhaps what you feel, is that Truth values what lies deep within your own being. Your Self. Our Self.

For what lies deep within us is for us to recognize. Not as just an experience, or a perception. But it is for us to feel how infinitely precious our fundamental nature is. For within us is a light, a precious sanctum. And Life wants that light to be recognized as pure preciousness. By us. We each need to recognize it for ourselves. Because until we do, awakening can be just a shift of perception, or another experience. It can change things, sure. But it won't be able to be all that it can be. When we first recognize preciousness, we will want to nurture it, cherish it. And then we will want to completely surrender to it.

It is when we are completely surrendered to this precious nature, that Life can live in a completely liberated way. It can begin to move completely unencumbered by anyone, or anything. It can serve the whole. It can connect with the collective field, to transform what needs to be transformed. Heal what needs to be healed. Not for us. For everyone, us included. Because it will be that which is precious that will be the transforming factor. The fundamental element that is pure potential.