Links to teachers, friends, support and inspiration

Amma is Amma's U.S. based website. On it you will find her tour schedule, local satsang groups, local humanitarian and environmental projects, teachings and more. Click on Amma's name and you will be redirected to Her site.

Amritapuri is Amma's India-based website. This is a huge site with photos, teachings, archives, tour schedule and an endless list of Amma's projects around the world. Click on the name and you will be redirected to this site.

 Adyashanti is a wonderful site with free downloads, event schedule, online radio, and bookstore. Click on the name to be redirected to his site.

Sharon Landrith

Sharon has a devotion and great love of the Truth. She is a gifted intuitive and a spiritual teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti. Click on the name to be redirected to her site.

Buddha at the Gas Pump

This is a very diverse site, with hundreds of interviews of folks that have experienced shifts of consciousness. Rick Archer is a great interviewer, with an ear for "truth-telling." You might find some people resonate with you more than others, so trust that intuition in your Self.