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Thank you for your interest in donating to The Unbound Self. It has been my sole intention since I began sharing these teachings to make them as accessible and as affordable as possible. When you donate to The Unbound Self, you are allowing me to continue to offer teachings either for free, or at a very affordable rate. Your donation helps me cover the cost of paying someone to help me with the construction and maintenance of my website, newsletter and other things that I may need help with designing. Other costs are site hosting, Retreat discounts, equipment for recordings, video, and online events. I also offer my private sessions at a much-reduced rate, simply because I desire to make the teachings accessible to all that come my way. I do all the day to day entries myself, so costs are greatly reduced. I also work a part-time day job, so all donations go to supporting The Unbound Self.

But more than anything else, your donation supports me in my heart-felt devotion to serve the unfolding of consciousness in our world today.

The Unbound Self is not a non-profit agency, so I cannot offer tax-deductions on donations.

Much Love and gratitude, Joi