I love this word; inspiration. To be moved by spirit; in spirit. We have all felt this feeling, to be moved in a powerful way to act, to feel deeply about something.

I just met with a dear friend whom I have not spent time with in recent months. She shared with me all that she is inspired to do these days. And all of it felt real clean, like it was coming from spirit. From the light. It made me super happy to listen to her.

scary trail.jpg

Inspiration is something we share. If I am truly inspired to act, I will act with integrity. I will not act in order to feel better about myself, or to feel better about what I do. I will not act in any way for recognition, or to gain merits. I am not acting against a situation either. I am not trying to "fix" something that I deem needing fixing. I am inspired to act for the sake of inspiration itself, for the Light of Spirit, because that is where the inspiration has come from. I act because the inspiration has given the gift of deep Love. And if I act in integrity, then I am inspiring others to act in integrity as well. They may, or they may not. But hopefully they can get a taste of inspiration as well.

Because you see, true inspiration is an act of Love. We always are inspired to serve that which we Love. Whether it be our children, our environment, fellow beings, or the deepest Truth that is within us and everywhere. And because we act out of our Love, we can act with incredible courage.

It's been a long time since I was deeply inspired to act. The inspiration has been towards going within and deeply knowing myself. But now for about the last month the inspiration to act has really been kicking in. And I am so enormously grateful. Because not being inspired, or the lack of inspiration can really suck. But sometimes no inspiration can be beneficial too. It dissolves any doer-ship that may remain in the system. The illusion of "I am doing" is a strong illusion, and the ego loves that. But that is not true inspiration. That is the doer doing, fulfilling its own agenda to do.

Inspiration takes you on a journey that can be quite scary. We may not have the confidence to act, as the inspiration is guiding us to act. Maybe we are being guided to do something we are unskilled at, or that involves a great risk of failure. This may well be. And often the risk is a telling sign that this is precisely where we are needing to go....into the possibility of utter failure. But the inspiration is there, and so is the courage. We do not want to ignore it....because it may go away if we do.

No, the inspiration is precious and needs to be respected, like a gift. It is from the Infinite Light, and not all get to feel it's touch. So we don't think about the risk, but we get to include any part of our Being that may feel a little apprehensive, or afraid- that gets to come along as well. It's a journey guided by Light, and Light transforms every part that feels separate. There is much that is happening through being inspired, so make sure you include every part of yourself in this ride. It will be much more effective.