Audio Recordings by Joi Sharp

enjoy these complementary audio recordings of past satsangs. 

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Joi has a unique gift in offering very diverse and creative Satsangs. Over the course of the years, she has never offered the same teaching twice. So, to chose a few Satsangs to offer here proved a bit of a challenge. The opportunity to recognize that the Infinite Reality can and will express itself in an infinite amount of ways, is seeing how even Satsang can be unique and new each time. Enjoy these, knowing that they are only a fraction of the different ways we can recognize our own True Nature.


One of the most powerful ways to connect to your true essence is to recognize the fact that you Love, and that you care. In this deeply honest Satsang, Joi takes us into a direct experience of what is vital in us.

Your direct experience, right now, is the means to recognize your true I Am nature. In this powerful Satsang, Joi invites you to investigate how you relate to your own experience.


In this important Satsang, Joi emphasizes the essential quality of intuition in our evolutionary process.

Love is not a way of acting: it is what we are. But what keeps us from knowing this? In this beautifully rich Satsang, Joi takes us on an exploration of the one thing that blocks us from knowing ourselves as Love.


It is the attitude of absolute not-knowing that allows a new intelligence to gain access to our Being. When the "knower" is absent, an entire new way of living each moment reveals itself to us.

As our relationship with the Ground of being matures, and we shift into seeing from the ground's perspective, we lose all our expectations and any ideas about what the ground wants from this Life, allowing it to be clean of any personal agendas.


In this gorgeous talk, Joi shares how from the perspective of Presence, the entire Being is seen as sacred, and holds immense value. It is essential that our Beings know this value, to dismantle any remnants of doubt that may still linger within the system.


When the consciousness within limitation recognizes it's own inadequacies, we have the opportunity to open up to our sense of that which is beyond limitation. In time, as we open up again and again to this Divine Field, the consciousness within limitation/separation evolves into a new Being.


In this new, revolutionary Satsang, Joi points out the infinite nature of our Being- how we all contain an infinite amount of experiences and views from which our True Essence can choose in order to live a completely liberated, and spontaneous Life.