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interviews and satsangs with joi and friends

Rick Archer interviews Joi in a candid conversation about Joi’s spiritual path. Topics include Joi’s perspective on what is a true awakening, and also why some people continue to evolve beyond awakening and some do not.

Recorded July 5, 2011

True Devotion is a gift. It is the Infinite Reality longing for itself right within our own hearts. We can recognize True Devotion because it is completely void of any agendas. It is not an inferior path. True Devotion gives us the incentive to know complete surrender, which is a complete alignment with Life.

Recorded May 28, 2016

The absolute importance of recognizing when we have run out of options. The "doer" is being stopped. Accessing the moment of Grace. Asking Life, "What does Life want?" and eliciting a response. Shifting your entire relationship with Life. Recognizing that you still have choices.

Recorded on May 29, 2016

Join Joi and Rick Archer for a second interview as we go deeper into the fascinating world of embodiment and devotion.

Recorded December 22, 2017

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