Being Light

It's so easy to keep ourselves safe by thinking that we are powerless. It is so much easier that way.

To live life from our self-realization is not safe. To live from our true essence, we must begin to be totally responsible for how we are relating to life. We must begin to step up to the plate and be diligent in our questioning of everything we see, feel, believe, and think. We must start to live the part.

And what does that mean? What reality are we operating from? Are we really only an individual living in a relative reality, with all the ups, downs and sideways that comes with a relative reality? Or are we merely imagining ourselves as a separate-character person; like in a dream. Is the reality that we are living in the only reality? And if the sages are correct in their declaration that this is only a dream, then who is doing the dreaming?

If I am dreaming I am a person, then I would want to know that I am dreaming, and begin to have a little more fun with the dream. Maybe I can dream up some interesting possibilities that don't seem possible to my relative character. Maybe I can even change that relative character a bit...lighten her up maybe. Maybe I could call the shots on the way she responds in certain situations, allowing her to be a little more free, and a little less predictable. Because we all know that dreams are anything but predictable. But we do know they can be quite lucid.

It seems to me, that the more I embrace my complete authority as Light, the more I can recognize the truth of this relative reality. But until I do embrace this authority, this dream-reality remains very real. I guess the choice is pretty obvious.