Diving in

I give all of myself to this exploration. There is no holding back, no going back. The choice is so obvious now, to choose this glorious Presence in any given moment-this gloriously alive moment- over all other things, all other concerns.

What grace! To have this Life offered to us just the way it is, and to be able to see that this moment contains the entirety of all magic. To keep choosing this magic-this presence- is where this Life wants to align.

magic drops.png

Life is still so up in the air, so not-known. I know things are changing though-I can feel it in my nervous system. Its time to dive in deeper. Not in a cloistered, reclusive way-but rather in a way that allows all attachments to be released as this blessed Presence is given this Life. I don't know where I will live, and that is OK. I can still feel a little apprehension in the nervous system, the mind projecting into the future-a little wanting to know. But that is OK too. I can feel it within this glorious exchange with the Beloved Divine, so the little bit of apprehension is fully embraced by the Divine. Every part of my Being is coming home to this glorious moment. And every molecule of this moment is embracing Being. And mind really likes this much better than worrying about anything...much better.