The Potency of Life

Lately I have been feeling a lot of Life entering my Being, and also my circumstances. It's pretty cool. I am busy with many things, yet the busyness isn't coming from thoughts about what I need to do-rather its a very strong energy. Its an energy that is informing my system of all its capable of doing.

This is very different for me. I have never had a strong "doer" going on. for most of my life, I have led a more simple life. I would go to my job, do a little exercise, and have a few Satsangs. It felt like Life was wanting to keep everything quiet and connected to Source, so that any expectations about Life could be exposed and seen.

Now everything has flipped! Haha! There has been such a degree of letting go of expectations, and such an intense degree of focus on what is True, that Life is beginning to respond. And it is strong!

I feel inspired. What is moving through me is my Beloved. And She wants to act. Of course, I have no idea what will happen, as there is only this moment in which I feel Her inspiring the system. But there are many doorways through which to walk this moment, and in this moment.

It's kind of scary too. Because many of these doorways are not familiar, nor comfortable. They lead to absolute not-knowing. And this is good because it forces me to stay present, where the guidance is. Where the inspiration is.

All I know is that what is moving this vessel is the only Truth I desire. And because my nervous system recognizes this, it opens more. It is becoming more in tune with Life- more awake to Life.

I feel like I am just beginning to Live.