The Power of Love

The idea of truth, or awareness, can sometimes lead seekers into an area that feels dry, or stagnant. This dryness has no life in it simply because it is devoid of Love.

To have a Love relationship with the Divine is in no way an inferior path. On the contrary, the power of Love is what leads us to unimaginable depths- depths that are beyond what the mind could ever imagine. We are leaving behind what is known.

It is this Love that leads me on. It is this Love that my Being feels as it opens up to the Totality. My Beings feels Love as a guiding power; a power that gives it courage to go beyond what it "thinks" or imagines.

Love leads us beyond this paradigm of relativity-where "my life" controls our everyday actions and relationships. Love dissolves "my life" into the source of Life. We have the inspiration to leave "my life,"  because Love feels more valuable, more precious, than "my life" ever could. "My life" is driven by the need for protection- it is filled with fear, insecurity and grasping. To dissolve "my life" through the Love of Divine, is a very powerful process indeed.

To have a Love relationship with the Divine is a mutual relationship. To feel Love for the Divine eventually allows the Being to feel Loved by the Divine- to feel cared for, nourished. This thrills the Being into opening up more to the unknown, which allows the unknown to enter the Being...which thrills the Being even more...bringing it into such precision and clarity, focus and Love.

On and on, deeper and deeper.....into the beauty and precious dynamic power of Love.

This is my path...will you join me?