Sea of Uncertainty

It's amazing how efficiently True Nature leads us deeper...if this is truly what we want

There are no mistakes- only a very well-designed, custom-made journey.

The past three months have been tough. The relative reality of my life has left me with very little to hold onto. And I see the beauty and invitation of that.

Because there has been so little to hold onto, the invitation to know myself, as the Beloved Presence, has gotten so much stronger. And even though there are challenges- big ones-the desire to go deeper is much more enticing. These big challenges-such as not knowing where I am going to live in two months, or if I will have a care I can drive-have left me floating in a sea of uncertainty. And this sea has become my home, my refuge.

Uncertainty is a great catalyst for change. Its when we get to really see we don't know how things are going to turn out. And rather than try to figure things out-from the level of mind- the opportunity to open to the Divine is much more obvious.

When all options fall away, there is only this doorway into our True Nature that reveals itself. And that can be unsettling when we do not have anything to hold onto. We choose to leave everything up to True Nature, so that we can put all our attention there. It leaves lots of loose ends dangling in the sea of Uncertainty, to work themselves out as True Nature sees fit.

This sea of uncertainty has become so enticing. I can see that my entire life has led up to this moment, when I am finally able to let go this much. I am thrilled, and grateful. And I can sense a touch of unsettledness beneath the surface. But that is to be expected. Because where this Life is going, is into an entirely new moment. Never before. And in this moment there is only Beloved Presence. It is all there is.

Fall in Love. Stay there.