Offering of everything


This gorgeous moment, this field of consciousness right here, wants to touch you deeply. Right where the pain is, right where the fear is, right where the tendency to defend, where it feels so tight.

This moment doesn't want you to run. It wants you to open...more. This field of Love doesn't want you to defend your position, it wants you to lose yourself to this moment.

The tendency to run or defend will never work. You cannot run away from yourself. Don't you see that? Only openness to this moment will transform your heart. This loving moment understands you, truly sees you, and knows you deeper than you could ever know yourself.

Lay down your sword. Lay in the sweet soft grass of Presence. Lay bare all your insecurities and fears. Share all of yourself with this Infinite Presence that sees everything about you. Know that there is no where to run, for all that you need, is already waiting for you here. Are you ready to stop and recognize this opportunity? Just remember, it will ask for all of you. It is a big risk to offer your soul. But hey, what else have you got going on?