Enter, Beloved

This body knows Love. In the highest sense. The body was made to be a vehicle for Love, but sometimes it forgets, and so Life happens in order that the body can keep remembering. When the body remembers, it can open deeper and fuller to the entire cosmos that is the Beloved.

The body knows how to let the Beloved enter. Some people call this process surrender, or allowing. When the body relates to the entire Totality of all of Life as the Beloved, it is possible for the body to feel what it is to be entered by the Totality. The body was made for this. The mind is also included in this whole body communion with the Beloved Totality. And so when the body lets go so completely to the Totality of Life, the mind doesn't need to go into its own process of mental surrender, because it already feels what complete surrender feels like. And this feeling is way beyond what the mind may talk itself into.

We can only let go to the level that we know Love. So nurture the sense of Love for the Divine in your body. Let it feel what that really does for the body/mind. And when the Beloved wants to enter, it will use that Love like an open doorway.