It's all a set-up

The only thing Life wants from us is cooperation. There is a well-known saying in spiritual circles that goes something like this: "Life is taking care of you far better than you could ever imagine."

So, what does this mean? To me, it means that what it is that I want- more than anything else-which is to be in perfect alignment with all that is happening (on all levels), is being perfectly orchestrated by Life. If I get out of the way enough,  sooner or later what it is that I want more than anything else, will happen.

The only issue here, for most people, is that they are not perfectly clear what they want. They THINK they want the Truth, but when Life shows up in just the right way, these people don't really want the Truth. They only want their version of the Truth. They want Truth to be nice to them.

But Life is showing up anyways. And each moment it is giving us the perfect opportunity to SEE the invitation to be broken open, again and again. Resistance to this being broken open happens when we think we know how Life should be. And if we cant find Life fulfilling our expectations, then we look somewhere to place the blame. Life doesn't care. We can blame others, God or the universe for all the resistance and pain we feel in our being. Or we can open up. Its super simple, and if we start allowing this to happen, we will get better at it. We become masters at our own ability to leave Life alone, and just open to whatever is happening, be it pain, heartbreak or fear. Its all the same.

You see, Life itself is highly intelligent. And it knows how to open us up. It is also extremely patient. It has all of eternity to wait for us to stop all our resistance to it and start recognizing what is really happening. This is when we get to see if we really want Truth, or we just want things to feel good. But feeling good doesn't necessarily open us up. Only Life can do that. The nitty gritty of Life. And when we stop putting all the blame onto Life, it will show up in a different way, an open way. A way that is full of grace and Light. And when this happens more than resistance happens, our being begins to recognize that this is what we want. This is the Truth that we want to align with, because Grace feels so damn good. Not in a nicety, nice way, but in a blow-your-reality-away way.

Get out of the way of Life, so it can show you the Truth. Because if you think you know Truth, you are blocking the possibly of aligning with the unknowable.