Our Greatest Contribution

The greatest good we can bring to the world isn't going to come from maintaining any "awakened perspective" or believing we know what the world needs. Our greatest contribution will be when we can let go of needing any perspective to believe in. Because it is Pure Love that the world needs, and if we are clinging onto needing anything for our self, in any way, that Love is not pure. So this is what we are all working towards, is it not?

The purest flow of Life comes through those that are quiet in their devotion to Truth. They don't need big followings, with people clinging onto every word they may say. Because to these few people, their Love for Truth, is far more important than what others think of them. Their relationship with the Totality is far more precious and rewarding than having success at being a "teacher" or someone that knows something. And as a result, they are far more open to the pure flow of Grace that is continually making more space for itself within their beings.

There is a great danger in spiritual circles that not many are talking about. After an awakening there can be a strong tendency for folks to create a belief around their own perspective. This creates a "landing place", or a fixed perspective. And that's all it is. And some of these people are very good at persuading others that their perspective is a valid one, or an awakened one, or one that everyone else should "believe in." When a teacher is attempting to convince others in his/her perspective, they are taking away the opportunity for the student to find their own way- to be able to feel into their own intuitive sense that lies in their own body/heart. Of course, if a teacher's and a students beliefs are the same, that fixed perspective can become even more rigid. And it might never find its way out.

But a true enlightened flow of Life, will never "land." It is the absence of a need for any perspective. Any need of a landing spot, is simply a lack of surrender. Complete surrender is made possible through our absolute Love of Truth. It is not possible without this deeply devoted way of Life. To be free of the need of a "landing place", or perspective, is a direct result of our Love for Truth. So as a result, our need to maintain any perspective is absent.

The authentic path is wanting to lead each of us in its own authentic way. And that way leads us right into our own heart. It is within our own hearts where that pure Love of Truth resides. It is resting there, and it is also maturing and becoming purer as our Beings are being flushed of any needs from the world. It is this intense Love that is waiting to be released in service to the world. This Love is absent of any need for a landing place; any need for any kind of awakened and holy perspective. There is no moral high ground in this Love. It is beyond any ideology that the mind could ever come up with.

Eventually, one day, it is our heart that will be our guide, our teacher, and our ultimate source of offerings to the world. So nurture that Love, and allow your entire Being to feel it as deeply as possible. And see if you can stay there, and allow everyone else to do the same.