The Great Removal

Many people on a spiritual path cause themselves much more difficulty than is necessary. And the primary way they do this is by believing or thinking that spiritual awakening is some sort of attainment, or that all experiences need to be good, conscious kinds of experiences. We don't want the kinds of experiences that expose our trance-like habits; the ones that don't seem to go away.

Spirituality, or enlightenment is not an attainment, or experience. It is a removal. A removal of you. You and all your projections onto the world, self and others. It is a removal of who it is that wants only nice characteristics, the one that wants to appear as a positive, spiritual person. Removal isn't something that is very pleasant when you are trying to get something, or be someone. But in order for the body/mind to know itself as a vessel for the infinite reality, there needs to be a great removal of all that is in the way.

empty bench.png

Removal isn't done through understanding great non-dual teachings, or having sublime meditation experiences. Removal happens when we, as awareness, begin to see how a central interpreter creates everything we see.

Are we distorting this moment by any kind of interpretation of this moment? Are we only concerned with what our experience is? These are the kinds of questions that life is attempting to expose, so that we can see what it is that divides the unified field of consciousness. Because in true reality, there is no division.

Being removed will probably cause discord, struggle, resistance and pain. This is natural. The illusion of separation is all that is known, until the interpreter is completely removed. So even the removal will be happening through the interpreter. But there will be moments of reprieve; when new space and silence feel like a healing balm upon the nervous system. When the interpreter is temporarily absent, and this fresh moment fills the body/mind with wonder and awe. Allow these moments to inspire. Pay attention. Do not grasp these moments, because they are only the result of an ongoing removal. A great erasure of everything that is known. An absence of all that has gone before, so that the new can live.