Intimacy with What Is

This moment is a powerful opportunity to know intimacy with the Divine. But are we aware of it? Are we looking for some nice awakened perspective so that we can control our experience with the Divine? Some nice place to land?

We all experience heartbreak, pain, uncertainty and fear. These are traits of being human. But what is our relationship with these human tendencies? Can we offer these to the Divine so that they become an entry point for something new?

The Infinite Reality is here, available for intimacy at all times. There is never a moment when it is not here. But many people are looking for a stronger experience of Truth by negating their own experience. They want a stronger version of Presence, or Silence. But what if the way to intimacy with the Infinite Reality was by sharing our human experience with this moment? What if we allowed the entire conscious field that surrounds us to enter into and have this human experience? What if this is the way the Divine dissolves all sense of separation that the human form may still experience?

Life is always ready to give us the richest version of Itself. In even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant moments there is an opportunity to allow the entirety of everything into our own Being. Our human design is meant for this. and when it is experienced deeply, our human design knows its function as a window for the Divine. The Source of everything.

By allowing this moment in, truly in, we are allowing the Source of everything to touch itself in this human form. And by doing so, this human form begins to be transformed. This is maturity. We are no longer looking for any identification with the Divine. We are allowing the Divine to use this vessel, awakening every cell to its own conscious nature.

What are these human bodies? Can we allow this moment to come in, so that all personal agendas are dissolved in the intimacy with What Is? Can we be patient enough, for how ever long we need, for this powerful intimacy to completely have its way with this human form? Can we get out of the way enough, so that the Divine may show this body, that anything is possible?

These are not just ideas or concepts. On the contrary, this intimacy dissolves all previous ideas or concepts. It is such an intimate encounter that there are no thoughts, or beliefs that could survive. This is what happens when the human form begins to be transformed. We begin to lose our limited perceptions because our brains and nervous systems are being changed. Altered. Expanded. Consciousness is using to human form to go beyond its previous experience. This is evolution.