Nothing to Do

It is amazing how quiet it is when you have nothing to do. When you are so helpless, you can't even think about the clothes you are going to wear, or the food you are going to prepare.

I came out of surgery weak and helpless as an infant. At first there was such discomfort that all attention went there. All that was happening was discomfort. Continuously.

And now that the discomfort is much less, attention rests. The vast quietude of nothing to do and nowhere to go has manifested itself into this life. I sit and allow this gorgeous space of the totality to touch this human, losing the locality of self.

wet rose.jpg

And because of helplessness, I rely on the generosity of others. People love to help. And because I have always been so independent and self-reliant, I have never allowed many people to actually help me. Until now. And all this generosity is going right into the heart. So much generosity and Love is all around, showing this body/mind how loved it is. How precious and appreciated it is. This has never been experienced by the mind/body so directly. As a result the body/mind experiences Love in a new way, in a way that persists in it's presence.

I see friends with concern on their faces, and the body/mind weeps. Love comes right in. The weeping has not a trace of "me" in it. There is only Love. Touching this body/mind in a way that it was made to be touched. Pure. Deep. Without any story or condition, past or future. Our body/minds were made to be touched by Love in a way so that we may understand the language of Life, and lose ourselves in our loss for words.