The journey of embodiment has one requirement. And its not an easy one. The infinite reality that is wanting to occupy you wants you for itself. It doesn't want to share.

So if we are, in any way, thinking we need others to feel complete, we are not walking the path of Aloneness. In the moment that we are needing others, we are forgetting the One that is really here. And the One that is really here doesn't want to be forgotten. To completely open up ourselves and be available to the One that is here, we need to forget our needs from everyone and everything.

This can be difficult if we are thinking that we need other people to be happy. It doesn't necessarily mean that we become a hermit, or a recluse. Although we can find ourselves withdrawing from "the world" at times. Of course, we are still free to enjoy "others," because there are so many delightful and wonderful beings to enjoy! But it means that we are not using our relationship with them to fulfill some lack or insecurity in ourselves.  I find it means, for me, to be surrounded by people, but my relationship with them is purely unconditional. People are allowed to like me or not. Its not my business. And although I wish everyone happiness, and I care deeply for others, it's not important if they know this or not. By being detached, I am giving everyone their freedom to be strong and detached as well. I find I am more intrigued and inspired by people that come from this inner strength in themselves.

The journey of embodiment is a process requiring complete aloneness; complete detachment from needing others to feel better about ourselves. This allows us to turn completely to the One that is inhabiting our Being.

The world, as Maya, or Illusion, is full of distractions from the One. And needing "others" is the biggest, stickiest one for many of us.

Feel the One wanting you, all of you, deeper and deeper, so that one day, there will be no question of forgetting, ever, ever again.