Informed by Love

I remember those days....of being so in Love with the Divine, so lost in the longing of the heart, that I found no satisfaction anywhere. The world felt empty of joy and happiness, and the ache of my heart was the only thing I knew. I felt like I was being consumed by this longing, night and day, in a deep visceral and physical way. Sometimes it was agony.

And then one day, that changed. It wasn't that I lost the Love. It just turned around. It wanted to question and be curious about Life. So began the days of opening to everything that came my way. Even resistance and fear became something that held an attraction, in an odd sort of way. All that arose allowed the field of consciousness to enter deeper and deeper into the body. It was consciousness that was curious and attracted, and the small self didn't have a valid voice in this dance of inquiry. Consciousness was the authority, and so, out of Love, it denied the small self it's petty rules.

And now it feels like Love is settling in deeper into the body, allowing the body to know Love. The body/mind feels included in Love, and the response from the body is thrilling and astonishing. It is bliss. There is arising within the body a knowing; the body knows the truth of itself, of Life, as it senses it inside. It is completely self-sustaining. The body/mind/nervous system is maturing in a different way; it now knows the only thing that will bring it happiness, is what is moving it, breathing it, loving it, and including it in itself. It is not conceptual at all. It is felt. And it is completely self-affirming.

From this place, action arises.