Working with Opposites

We all know what it's like to resist a certain energy within our Being, or what it feels like to want to establish a certain energy. These experiences- if we really examine them- are all simply states of consciousness. So, if we are grasping or resisting anything within, we are attempting at controlling states of consciousness.

But it has come to my awareness, that ALL states of consciousness exist within our humanity. I have given it enough attention to notice that if I wanted to, I can always access an awareness of the opposite of what I am experiencing. I may not be able to manifest it (like if I was experiencing fear, I can't necessarily manifest "no fear"). Yet, I can sense that that state of "no fear" does exist within my Being.

This is a huge topic, so I am just scratching the surface here.

When Krishna revealed his true Self to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita, he was revealing the infinite states of consciousness, and all the resulting manifestations within his awareness. It was a profound teaching, and it was meant to be applied.

What if we began using our body to determine whether we are grasping or resisting some state? If we pay attention to it, we can see that the body's own nervous system is automatically doing this constantly- this is caused by the beliefs and ideas that our nervous system has encoded in it.

I have earnestly begun showing my nervous system that it is capable of including all states- using the one that it is experiencing, and then being aware of its opposite. Every state of consciousness has an opposite - every single time.

I don't try to grasp the opposite- or resist it. From awareness, there is no judgement, so no resistance or grasping. 

Then I allow my nervous system to SENSE the states in between those opposites. And somewhere that field meets- within my Being- as pure alive potential.

This makes room for all states of consciousness to remain, and it also allows the field of consciousness to transform itself into the state/perception that it deems appropriate and spontaneously authentic for this moment. Ah-ha!

And this, my friends, is how we are meant to live. Spontaneously alive and authentically responding to every new situation without any "old" beliefs or understanding distorting it.