The Essential Light of Grace

One of the things I learned early on in my journey is that I needed to be really honest with myself. And when I say honest, I mean that that if I avoided myself in anyway, I was going to miss out on something that I loved more than anything else in the entire Universe. If I wasn't honest with myself, I would not be open for Grace.


We need Grace. Our deepest, longest-lasting shifts depend on Grace. We can have little insights here and there, and we can even have deep shifts of consciousness, but if we want to stay inspired to keep evolving- to know our deepest potential, and to have complete faith in Life- we need Grace. For Grace is Love...and when we really experience this right within our own Being, we know we are right where we want to be. When we feel the Love blooming in our Being, we want that again and again for ourselves, and for the world. The love of Grace keeps us going- way beyond what "we" might think we need or want for ourselves. Grace begins to use us- for the bigger picture. For the whole.

Being honest with ourselves- or telling the truth- is the absolute door-opener for Grace. Telling the truth is what lights the fire of Grace. So why is it so difficult to be with Grace all the time?

Most people are judging themselves. When we judge- we are covering up beliefs and ideas that we think we know. Judgement says, "it should be this way, and not this way. Or this is true, and this isn't." Those are all beliefs, and they judge anything that is in opposition. And so, they obstruct an opportunity to tell the truth.

Truth-telling is a skill. The more we do it, the better we get at it. And even though it brings us into the heart of vulnerability- it also brings us face to face with what we love! The Self. Grace. The Beloved. When we tell the truth, this is what awaits our vision. So, this is why telling the truth becomes something that we don't want to ever mess with. It becomes our way to open doors that we never knew were there. And telling the truth is something that is already happening- so there is no place to get to. Everything we need for Grace is already here. We just need to recognize it, and learn to utilize it.