A Clean Slate

What a strange dance this is. For these past few months, there has been very little movement to put myself out there, other than the meetings that I have scheduled. Instead there is an intuitive knowing that the drive to "make happen," is being completely removed. And those drives, as a teacher, would be to write blogs, post things on social media, put out newsletters, etc.

Yet, here I am doing those things. And, there is no drive to make it happen. Because I can't imagine any outcomes to any of it.

clean slate.jpg

My head is getting emptied. Emptied of imagined outcomes, because outcomes are a very small way of seeing things. Emptied of ideas of what needs to be done. There is only the impulse to keep opening up to what I cannot know- but can only Be.

Simply put...I am a clean slate. And if writing on the wall happens- in the form of ideas, thoughts, imagined outcomes- it is my devotion to opening that erases them. WE are being erased- in the form of all those ideas- so that our most deepest sense of "I" evolves and grows up.

A Clean Slate is kept clean, so that a new language/life can be written. By keeping the slate clean, we are accessing the realm of pure potential....pure bubbly life. You can feel the absence in your being- deep within the nervous system. Keep the slate clean is pure devotion to what can write the new language. So, here we are.