The Fertile Ground and the Transformation of doubt

Because of my devotional nature, I find myself continually opening up to my Beloved. she is always here with me, and knows my being extremely well.

Lately I have been encountering doubt, and as I open up to my Beloved, doubt is being exposed like the root of a weed. And as doubt is being exposed, I can see it for what it is. Nothing more than a quality that "I" has attempted to hide behind- to keep itself safe. "I" can still subtly believe that it is the doer, which is an immature aspect of ego.


Yet, through the absolute recognition of not-knowing, the Fertile Ground of  Being can be accessed. Deeper and deeper into this ground all aspects of our ego is absorbed. The Fertile Ground is pure potential, and is the medium through which doubt is transformed.

Ego doesn't die. It is transformed into a tool. And that tool is to be used by Life. But first doubt must be absorbed into the Fertile Ground of not-knowing. 

We all must encounter this doubt. If we do not embrace this doubt, this doubt of the "I" will certainly sabotage Life. By falling in Love again and again, doubt will come to the surface, to be transformed into a sword to be wielded, efficient and precise- for the benefit of all.