I Am the Door

I was one of those spiritual people that was afraid of Life. Most people are afraid of either life or death. For me, there was a great resistance to life- simply because of all the beliefs I had- what living a successful life meant, and all the imagined scary things that might happen.

So, since I was afraid- I blocked life. My fears kept the real potential of Life from happening. Yet, through Grace- I found myself loving God with all my being. My ideas about enlightenment were that I would merge with God, and God would take me away. There would be no more me- and no more fears- and all would be well.

I guess it was a good place to start. Fortunately, since I loved God- or Truth- with all my being, my spiritual evolution kept me on track. I found my devotion to this process becoming stronger than my fears about life. My devotion took me through my fears, thus dissolving them. My being began opening up to the realm of absolute not-knowing, and the potential within that realm. And even though the mind still tried to figure stuff out, my inner being began opening to the pure flow of potential.

There is now an intelligence that has awakened within my Being that IS the pure potential. My Being senses what it feels like to keep the doors open to Life. Fear is a product of mind these days- and only mind. The deep-seated fears of Life are no longer governing my nervous system. And if mind goes out- trying to figure out stuff- my Being simply pulls it back into its inner realm-where the doors are open to Life, and all that may come. My Being is the doorway, and it knows how to keep itself open to Life. 


Life is still an unknown- yet that is the adventure of it. While nothing is certain, Love and devotion to Life strengthens with each moment of alignment to Life. This is real faith. And It is not outside my being. It is through it.

Like Amma says, "Pure Love removes all fears." This opens the door- continuously wider and wider...