Truth and Grace

Many people find themselves in a challenging cyclic struggle against themselves, even if they are not aware of it. I see it all the time. It is this struggle that keeps us from finding peace. It is this subtle self-judgement that keeps the knots tight within. And it doesn't need to be this way.

All we need to do is tell the truth. Do we know what this means? Telling the truth is a radical way to  see if we are against what we are experiencing; To see if we don't like ourselves, or our life. It is a way to see what we are resisting in our world- within ourselves. Telling the truth is an extremely vital aspect of our journey. We must strengthen our skills at telling the truth. We must find within ourselves the willingness to do so. Without telling the truth, we remain in an unconscious and tight way of experiencing Life. And the door for Grace cannot open.


Because my friends, it is the realm of Grace that we are opening up to. Grace is the magical component that changes everything. Telling the truth opens the doorway for Grace. And it doesn't matter what truth we are long as it is the truth. Grace is inherent within that willingness to tell the truth. It is there! And when we open the door for Grace, and grace comes in with the truth telling, we are relieved of the burden, It is no longer ours to bear. Grace has taken it on, and will change how we relate to the truth we are telling. I cannot tell you how...we must all find this capacity to attract Grace within our own truth telling.

Grace is powerful. And essential for all transformation.

Why waste anymore time trying to get the right experience. Just tell the truth...and watch the game change.