Not for me; for us.


When I look at the devastating news these days-especially regarding the Syrian children, I am overcome by a real concern. It seems a large portion of the world doesn't seem to care enough to feel affected by the crisis. People are so wrapped up in their own subjective lives, and because of this, they remain in a subject-oriented world. An unconscious trance-state of "my life."

 A deep evolution in our Being, allows the embodied consciousness to move out of the subject-oriented world. We are no longer coming from my life, what "I" want or need or even "my awakening." We no longer need those nice little spiritual "goodies"; the great meditations, the awakened experiences, or even periods of "no problems." We have lost the need for anything for "me." The center is fading, and in its place is a deep, intimate sense that we are all in this together. And unless we start living from this realization, as an awakened community, our species could wipe itself out.

Coming from a deep love, a love of the whole of existence, is what continues to take this life beyond any ideas of what it should be. There are no more ideas about success, or future, or even enlightenment. This life is moving beyond me. And "I" am not the one that is making this happen. "I" am being taken out of the equation. And by doing so, maybe life can get freed up to serve "us."