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Tending to the Opened Heart~ A Six-Week Online Program

To know what you are essentially, requires an opened and unguarded Heart. Deep within our own Heart lies all the intelligence of the Universe. Our own Opened Heart has the powerful capacity to shift our perceptions, identifications and alliances completely. To live from an Opened Heart continually informs our mind of how to live, how to see, how to engage. To know the power of the Opened Heart is to be able to let go to something that is right within our own Being,` so that surrender becomes something of a relief, rather than a scary and mental construct. The Opened Heart is continually expanding, bringing all mental projections, ideas and beliefs back into itself~ it can and will eventually swallow the world.

In this unprecedented Online Course, we will work with knowing the Heart as the inner guide, the source of our light. I am developing a week by week course that will take us deeper into our own hearts, giving us the direct experience of how to utilize the power of our own heart.

We will meet on Zoom weekly, beginning January 24 at 10:00 am MST. We will work together in a powerful container, with other committed friends. This program will be closed to the public once it begins. If you are unable to make a session, recorded sessions will be available to listen to.

To register, or if you have questions/concerns please e-mail Joi at

After registering I will send you the corresponding Zoom link information.

The cost of this Six-Week session is $150.00

To send payment or on the website at