Private Sessions with Joi Sharp

Uncompromising support from our shared source of love and intelligence.

Every so often we need someone to talk to. We may get to a place that feels quite difficult, and we realize that it would be helpful to get someone else’s perspective. The problem with just talking with a friend, or someone who isn’t familiar with spiritual awakening, is that usually that person might want to fix you, or change what you are experiencing. What you are really looking for is some support. 

In both Satsang and private sessions, I offer a support system. This support is for the new emerging baby Buddha that is being born in you. It is a birth, and a death, that is happening as we begin to wake up to our true nature. But that birth/death can be very difficult at times. It can be very disorientating. There can be some really crazy stuff that happens, and you can feel quite out of control at times. I think the process of awakening is perhaps one of the strangest and unpredictable processes we, as humans, can ever experience. There is no way to ever know what to expect, so it’s best to not try, or you may end up struggling even more. It can be very, very helpful to reach out for some support. 

Sometimes I call myself a midwife—helping in the baby Buddha’s birth. What makes me qualified to be a very helpful support system is because I have been through a LOT of challenges myself. And since I’ve been teaching since 2005, I have seen just about anything that you could ever imagine in people as they are being birthed. Of course, when I talk with you, your process will be completely unique. You have your own super-specially-designed blueprint that is emerging as Infinite Reality opens up your nervous system in the most efficient way. 

I love being a support system. I love it because I can recognize the efficiency in which consciousness is waking up in you. This recognition is incredibly inspiring to see. For this reason, I will never try to fix what you are experiencing. Rather, it is my job to empower you, so that you learn to access the intelligence that is within you. That is what a support system does. It empowers. I am very happy when you begin to see increasingly subtle things shifting in your own system. And the more on board you are in your unfoldment, the more in alignment “WE” are. Because we are the same consciousness, and I love hearing about how it is unfolding in you. You get to inform me about it, and I get to learn more to help empower others to be self-sufficient. It’s all consciousness—supporting itself in this crazy dance of evolution. 

So please don’t be shy. Feel free to tell me anything you wish. It’s all relevant. Don’t try to spiritualize your way through our talks, be real. I don’t care if you want to tell me about “your stories.” Stories have their place—they are useful, otherwise the universe wouldn’t have presented you with them. If you have had experiences in the past—awakenings—go ahead and tell me if you want. Tell me about whatever you feel moved to tell me, even if it takes up our entire time together. The more you share whatever you are moved to share with me, the more I can “feel” you, the real you. It is that essential part of you, the consciousness of you, that is aware of what you are going through, in a very clear way. And that is what I tap into when we sit together. 

Please think of me as a friend—a friend who has been on the path for a long time. Someone who has been through a lot—a lot of pain, confusions, doubt and despair. I’ve seen it all, believe me. So I know how tricky the ego can be, and I know how to relate to it in a healthy way, in a compassionate way—not in a judging way. That is why I am a friend. There is nothing that is wrong in you, ever. There is nothing to judge in you, ever. There are only aspects of your being that are ready to awaken, and I am here to support that. To bring it all home, every single part of you, in the most graceful way possible. 

Sessions can be held in person—in Ridgway, Colorado, by phone, or by Skype. The cost of a session is $75, and they usually last for one hour. If we need to go over, we can adjust the cost. Please use the form to tell me about time preferences and anything else you may want to add. I look forward to our time together! 

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